Palmetto Power Gamble

Stop Rolling the Dice with SC Energy Bills

Our energy future shouldn’t be a game of chance—say no to risky projects that will cost customers millions on their energy bills

Power companies want a new gas mega-project in Colleton County, South Carolina. This project would cost billions of dollars, pollute the surrounding environment, and put customers on the hook for buying gas burned in the plant. Power companies are pushing lawmakers towards this option before considering cheaper, less risky alternatives.

These are the same players from the $9 billion VC Summer nuclear plant fiasco—a failed mega-project plagued by construction delays, cost overruns, and fraud that never generated a single electron. Customers paid billions for utilities to dig a hole…and fill it back in. It was a big risk, and customers paid. Now, power companies are hustling a similarly risky plant past decision-makers.

Tell your legislators to say no to risky projects that will cost us millions on our energy bills.

Duke Energys W.S. Lee station
Duke Energys W.S. Lee station

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Tell your legislator to say no to risky projects that will cost customers millions on their energy bills. Don’t let the power companies make another risky, expensive, and harmful bet with our money.

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Power companies and lawmakers are pushing hard for a new gas-fired power plant, likely at a site along the Edisto River. But the push carries echoes of what happened before the failed plan to build the V.C. Summer nuclear station north of Columbia, a project that set $9 billion on fire.


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South Carolina lawmakers advanced controversial legislation to fast-track a new natural gas plant in South Carolina’s Lowcountry with language some believe would hamstring the state’s solar energy sector.


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